Poor-Quality Research in Drug Policy

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National Post, May 19, 2023

“Safe Supply” drug advocates rely on poor-quality, biased research that lacks any concrete evidence of success, say doctors.

“Safer supply programs involve the use of a potent opioid which has significant risks and dangers. They require studies consistent with the higher standards of pharmaceutical research,” said Dr. Koivu, who believes that higher quality evidence, such as randomized control trials, should be used to investigate safer supply.

“Dr. Julian Somers, director of the Centre for Applied Research in Mental Health and Addiction at Simon Fraser University, said that while qualitative studies may be helpful when no alternatives are available, there is no need to rely on them in addiction medicine — the field already has “an immense body of high-quality research” that supports other interventions. “

Meanwhile, one of the drug dispensing companies, My Safe Society, that receives millions in government (taxpayer-funded) grants has failed to file its required financial disclosures.  A recent investigation found its “safe supply” experiment has “allegedly caused heroin-strength opioids to fall into the hands of youth, and has done this while breaking federal law” around financial requirements.

Read both stories in buttons below. Then, demand politicians and health leaders use a proven drug addiction model of recovery-oriented housing that shows both a reduction in crime and medical emergencies.  Send a message here.

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