Canadian Voice Exposes BC Government

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TFI Global News, India

Dr. Somers exposes BC Government for clumsy attempt to censor his research confirming current policies and approaches to homelessness are a failure.

“The potential threat that the government sees can be traced back to 2004 when Dr. Somers first released a database called “Inter-Ministry Evaluation Database” which helped to create a detailed picture of people’s lives, helping researchers to accurately measure the impact of government policies making it a significant database used in over 30 provincial reports, 60 peer-reviewed publications.

The IMED was then utilized by Somers for his own $20 million research project on Vancouver’s poverty alleviation programs. 497 participants were randomly divided into three groups, with each group receiving a distinct support program. It came to the conclusion that B.C.’s standard approach to homelessness was ineffective after using the IMED to follow their lives for five years. It is common practice to herd homeless people into housing where the majority, if not all, of the residents, is just off the streets, resulting in trauma and addiction in B.C. and much of Canada. A “safe supply” of free drugs and few resources for recovery and social reintegration are then provided to these residents as a cure.

According to the study by Somers, homeless people should be housed in a way that integrates them into normal society. If rehabilitation, employment, and social reintegration are prioritized, then crime and medical emergencies can be reduced by 50% without incurring additional costs.”

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